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Politics - April 06, 2016
Colonel Bernie Sanders KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken Parody Political T Shirt $19.98
Kentucky Fried Sanders? Bernie Fried Chicken? Whichever way you say it, we have your order! Are you supporting Colonel Sanders?

Funny - March 03, 2016
One day till Friday! This will now become part of my permanent collection..

This is my Weekend shirt and Sometimes my Monday through Friday shirt, too $23.98
Wear it Saturday or Sunday, heck, why not a Tuesday?

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Beer - February 26, 2016
It's almost the weekend and who doesn't want to sit back after a hard week and drink a beer, or eight and have a party! I call this: my weekend wear collection.

I Just Want To Drink Beer And Party Funny Graphic T Shirt $19.98
Conserve Water Drink Beer Funny Party Tank Top T Shirt $23.98
I Only party On Days That End In Y Funny T Shirt $19.98
Didn't catch this shirt in time for the weekend? Don't worry, we got you covered:

Lets Not Taco Bout Last Night Funny Parody Bar Party T Shirt $19.98
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Funny - February 25, 2016
Ever heard of the golden rule "I Before E, except after C"? Here's a funny version of just that! Perfect for anyone who follows strict grammar styles, this is sure to drive them nuts.

I Before E Except Feisty Heist Weird Beige Foreign Neighbor T Shirt $19.98
I Before E Except Feisty Heist Weird Beige Foreign Neighbor T Shirt

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